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Visit to Dancu

This visit to Dancu, Moldova  by our two committee members Mr Stewart Cameron and Mr Bob Chaplin proved to be an experience, perhaps not so much for Bob as he had visited Dancu before, but more so for Stewart as he had not been to this part of Moldova.

The state of the dwellings were quite a shock says Stewart, as many of the roofs are of corrugated sheets which were not attached to the building, leaving them adrift from main structure, and there are many more buildings just gone to ruins which shows what poverty still exists.

Many of the dwellings Bob and Stewart  were advised not to enter because of  the conditions the people were living under

.As to the land 500 acres we were told is used for winter wheat, which is harvested between July and August  .
These fields are then sown with Sunflowers seeds, the time for harvesting is between October and November when what is  gathered, is turned into making Sunflower oil, this gives some form of work for a short period.

As to the collection of water a lot of this is still collected at the nearest ‘Well’ but it is strongly advised  to drink bottled water as there is a chance of contamination from nearby drains .

Regards their cattle they produce very little milk as they are kept in a yard and fed Alfalfa ,calves are very thin, but the
people are trying hard to become self sufficient  by rearing  pigs, calves, and  chicken, as there is no chance of work.

For the young people an Instrumental Band has been set up which is being well attended, with many youngsters waiting for an instrument to join.

A full report of this visit will be available on our web site in the not too distant future.