Lorry before departure

Dear Friends
It is 20 years since our Charity Mission Moldova began operating here in West Cornwall
and we are so grateful as it is to many people like you, that we have been able to
continue sending Humanitarian Aid to many areas of Moldova over these past years to people who live in extreme poverty through no fault of their own.
For the past 10 years we have concentrated on the area of Dancu, Moldova where you will recall they have recently taken in many refugees from Ukraine. This put an extra strain on Slavic’s resources to feed and give shelter to these dear people, but you all so generously gave in whatever way you could to help their situation.
On behalf of the people in Moldova who have received such beautiful, knitted items such as Blankets, Jumpers, colourful children’s knitted garments, we have been amazed at the many hours some of these items must have taken to knit but, we know you have done it with love in your hearts. Thank you all.
For all the donated clothes people in Moldova could never afford to buy including many new shoes of quality all these items you have given with love
For beautiful clean bedding warm blankets and knitted covers.
For household items that we use each day and take for granted, for people to have their own plate to eat off and not have to share amongst six people.
For cycles enabling men to go to other areas and find work.
For carpet floor covering
For toiletries including Incontinence Pads
For disability items, Wheelchairs. Walking frames and walking Sticks to enable disabled people to move around.
For the young people to have Toys, Games, and Football Shirts
Financial support for Slavic to provide food parcels for the sick and families.
The list is endless, but we express our immense gratitude to you all.
However, it is with heavy hearts that we have now to inform you that owing to age and sickness, which can befall us at any time we are unable to continue to take your items and by the end of this year 2023 will cease sending items to Moldova.
We desperately want our work to continue here in Cornwall and pray that you might be someone who can give of their time which, we know you will find by helping the people in Moldova, extremely rewarding. We are the only Humanitarian Aid Articulated lorry that can have access into Dancu as it is a landlocked country.
Thank you for taking time to read our letter and please if you feel in your heart that you would like to know more about and what the Mission work entails then please contact!
Secretary jean Anderson-Archbold
Telephone 01-736-763125
Our web site is moldovaware.co.uk



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*****Urgent requested items for refugees from Ukraine in Moldova*****

You might ask yourself who are they? What do they do? How can I help

Moldova is a landlocked country of the former Soviet Union between Romania and Ukraine, the poorest country in Europe about the size of Wales with 4 million people, the poverty in Moldova has been described as being comparable with the sub Sahara regions.

The country suffers inadequate supply of water, food, healthcare, housing, and high unemployment all this   contributes to desperate living conditions endured by the majority.

We are a small group of people working here in Cornwall and have been operating since the year 2000 with members of our group having visited Moldova and Romania since the early 1990’s, it is still our policy for members to visit at least once a year to see how we can help, either in a practical way, or help rebuild their infrastructure, these visits are funded by the individual.
Without persons like you who support us with items or financially we could not continue to help this country.

Mission Moldova became a registered charity in 2003 and has sent 27 Articulated Lorries to Moldova and 3 to Romania, each load containing more than 10,000 kgs of Humanitarian Aid. We have also sent a Mobile Dental Unit, 8 Ambulances and Dental equipment to furnish 4 surgeries.

We are fortunate to have trustworthy connections in Moldova, our contact recipients are Dancu Tabita, a Baptist based charity registered with the Moldovan authorities, they distribute the aid on the basis of need free of charge.

Many in Moldova are hungry and in despair so we send funds to Dancu to help these people survive.
Transporting each load to Moldova, 2000miles, requires professional help which at present costs £4000, donations towards this cost are always welcome.

Our group is not affiliated to any other Charity working in Moldova or Romania, and persons who help our Mission receive no remuneration.
The Chairman and Committee send sincere thanks to all who donate items and those who regularly support our Mission.


Jean Anderson-Archbold
Secretary Mission Moldova
Tel/Fax 01736-761896 Email. cornwallmission@moldovaware.co.uk
Registered Charity number 1100123